I am a web developer.
I do fancy things on the internet.
Here's how I do it.

Full Stack, no empty jargon

I am a Full Stack developer, but I understand that the term means nothing to the vast majority of people! I’m happy to have full on geek conversations with people if they want, but for the most part a lot of my job is to hide the wires from you. I will listen to you and work with you to find out what exactly your needs are, and then translate that into a fully-fledged website or app that you can use without any further input from me. However, if you ever want to know more about any of the technological aspects, I’d be happy to fill you in.

Jason Dixon

Nothing held back

When a project is completed, you will have complete control over the finished product. I don’t believe in tying people in, my work can speak for itself and you will be able to change content at will. If you want any future work done - for example, a design refresh in a few years time, or additional functionality added - you can come back to me if you are happy to, or you can ask for the source if you would like to pass it on to another developer.

What I offer

  • honest advice on your web needs
  • complete control over the finished product
  • fast, modern sites that work well on all devices
  • management of all the tricky tech stuff if needed
  • years of experience working with the latest technologies
  • excellent problem-solving skills

What I bring

  • proficiency in HTML / JavaScript / CSS / SASS / LESS / PHP
  • server administration
  • database design and management
  • iOS and Android app creation
  • modern web technologies - canvas, WebAudio, etc.
  • Also useful at Python / Objective C / Ruby / SQL / React

Your place or mine

If you already have your own hosting set up, I can work with you to get your new site set up there. I am also happy to sort that out for you, and manage any servers and domain names myself. We can have a chat about your needs at the start of the project and work out a solution that will work best for you and the type of traffic that your site might see.